Goblins Glen

Paranormal Adventures

Our haunted bathroom

We had discoved how magical these woods were a long time ago playing in the local parks and spent years working to obtain our perfect place. Soon after our arrival we noticed strange happenings. This place came to be named Goblins Glen because of all the small shadowy goblin-like creatures we would see about. We've come to learn that there is more than just goblins here.


We began with meditations and prayers, but we know that information is what leads to understanding. As such, we have employed many different meters, recorders and cameras to help us on our journey.

We seem to have the most activity at the bottom of our stairs in the lower level bathroom. We try communicating and will explain some of the different methods we have used along the way.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Electronic Voice Phenomena are sound recordings that are interpreted as spirit voices. Parapsychologist Konstantins Raudive wrote about the idea in 1971. Audio recorders are a staple investigation tool for paranormal researchers and we employ them regularly.

We have added a P-SB7 Spirit Box to our list of tools used in Instramental Transcommunication. It uses radio frequency sweeps to generate white noise which theories suggest give some entities the energy they need to be heard. When this occurs you will sometimes hear voices or sounds coming through the static in an attempt to communicate.

EMF Meters

EMF meters are used to measure ambient Electromagnetic fields. Paranormal researchers believe that spirits have the ability to manipulate these fields. Another staple piece of equipment used to detect sources of these fields or possible manipulation in order to communicate with these entities.

We have added a REM Pod to our tool box. It uses a mini telescopic antenna to radiate its own independent magnetic field around the instrument. This EM field can be easily influenced by materials and objects that conduct electricity. Based on source proximity, strength and EM field distortion LED lights can be activated in any order or combination.

Ovilus III

The Ovilus is one of many paranormal field experimental devices created by Bill Chappell, a retired electronics engineer and founder of digital dowsing. He states the device works by measuring changes in the energy fields around it. It modulates the energy changes into audible speech using a synthesizer chip, an English word dictionary, and a function that phonetically sounds out words. The creator calls this process ECM or “Environmental Communications Mode” and states his devices do not employ any arbitrary techniques to produce results such as random generation, sweep functioning, or programmed algorithms. We must say that we have had some interesting conversations with interesting beings.

Along with this we employ many different cameras in different spectrums, motion and temperature sensors, and a healthy dose of herbs, crystals and prayers to try and gain knowledge and communicate with the other side. Were not looking to "bust" anything, we're hoping to help.