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Winter here at the Glen is beautiful and frozen, which leaves much time for crafting and magic. This is great fun, but causes a surplus of trinkets and baubles that have to find new homes in the spring. Luckily, our creations are meant to bring magic into the lives of others.

Zura Muckeater

As practitioners of art and mysticism, the arts take on old meaning with us as we mingle aesthetic and magic purpose to form items that transform lives. We create headdresses, mystic tools and magically imbued jewelry. Our creations are suitable for ceremony or festival and are beyond reproach.

We have found that creation and mysticism dance in the same meditative realm and we enjoy the fact that our dream work creates magic in the lives of new friends we make.


Where is your online store?

Our ingress into retail sales has been an amazing journey. The Goblins are excited to have made faerie friends from coast to coast. Many have asked about buying our creations online and we are listening. We will be putting our wares out there for you to peruse at your leisure. We have decided to work with Etsy as we find our way through the virtual sea.

Goblin Market Kiosk

Although our creations seem whimsical, we are very serious in our endeavor to create items that magically enhance your life. All of our creations come into existence full of positive, loving spirit. Our work environment is kept blessed and positive. Come to GoblinsGlenDesigns and see what tickles your fancy.

We are looking forward to meeting up with you in the virtual realm to show you our beautiful creations. Let fantasy and magic become part of your life with our handcrafted creations.

Marketplace sightings

Goblin Queen Starwood Masks Magic Tools Magic Wands Magic Jewelry Headdresses

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