Goblins Glen

A magical place


Goblins Glen is a privately owned Botanical Sanctuary and Certified Wildlife Habitat in a lovely maple forest in Geauga County, Ohio. Our land is filled with a wide variety of plant species grown amidst a maple-beech forest that supports unique and endangered flora.

Thaddeus Robert

Forest farming offers unique opportunities to connect with the land. Maple syrup, Ramps (wild leeks), mushrooms and herbs make up our forest crops. Then there are summer vegetables and festivals. After basking in our harvest we celebrate our family and friends.

Living in the snow capital of Ohio with goblins presents many challenges, but they are greatly outweighed by this regions beauty and abundance.

Not necessarily normal

Those that know us understand our obsession with Halloween. Even when the sweet Spring air whistles through the glen it is still Autumn indoors. Visitors are often curious to know more about the stuff that they see out of the corner of their eye and the strange voices or music they hear. We say it's the goblins, but we know it can be more. That is why we seek to better understand the spirit sciences.

Thaddeus Robert

This age we live in can seem stressful and somber as we learn to cope in a "post peak" economy. Having strange and unsettling occurances can make that even more interesting.

We have accumulated fascinating equipment for investigating paranormal phenomena and are always curious to learn more about these unexplainable incidents that everyone keeps trying to pretend aren't happening. Our goal is to better understand the world around us.
Wildlife Habitats

Goblins Glen is a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat. Whether you have ten feet or ten acres of land, you can turn your place into a wildlife habitat also.

"Join the thousands of wildlife enthusiasts across the country who have been recognized for creating havens for neighborhood wildlife in their very own yards. These individuals have provided the essential elements for healthy and sustainable wildlife habitats and have earned the distinction of being part of National Wildlife Federation's Certified Wildlife Habitat™ program." ~ National Wildlife Federation

Botanical Sanctuary

Goblins Glen is a private Botanical Sanctuary and is a member of United Plant Savers. Our research showed that our land was already home to many herbs listed on UPS' list of "at-risk" plants. We are working to plant more of these herbs.


Our Land Steward decided that he was certifiable, permaculturally speaking, and has completed a Certified Permaculture Designer Course with Midwest Permaculture. He gives high praise to Bill Wilson and Wayne Weissman and recommends working with them.

We would like to thank everyone in Stelle, IL for putting up with Sean during the course.

Bill Wilson is also a trainer in the Transition Towns Initiative.

Wayne Weissman is also the founder of the Permaculture Project.